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Software Testing and specially Automation testing course is one of the best IT courses that you can choose to start your career.

The complete course is designing keeping an average student in mind. Our teaching style is practical and case studies based. 

Selenium Automation Testing Course Training

Automation testing is a software testing technique that involves the use of automated tools and scripts to perform tests on software applications.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a software testing approach where testers manually execute test cases without the use of any automation tools or scripts.

Conditional Statements
We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.
Java Selenium

It helps Selenium framework with Java programming language for automating web browser interactions and performing web application testing.

Selenium Testing

Selenium is an open-source framework commonly used for automating web browsers.

TestNG Framework

Test Next Generation is a testing framework that is designed to facilitate and enhance the testing process.

Testing Tools

It helps in the planning, execution, and management of software testing processes.

Resume Preparation

We teach individuals how to create an effective and professional resume.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews simulate the interview experience and allow candidates to practice their responses, improve their communication skills, and gain confidence.

Our Online Software Testing Course Fees in Hyderabad is 10,000 Rs.

In Kareer9 Software testing course training, you will gain a deeper understanding of test planning, test case design, test execution, defect management and automation.

Manual Testing

and Defect Reporting

Automation Testing

with Java

Collaboration with Team

and Professional behaviors

Why you should Choose Kareer9 for your Software Testing Training need?

Our Software Testing Course training will help you to learn industry best practices, testing techniques, and quality assurance methodologies that enable you to deliver better software products with fewer defects and issues.

15+ Years Experienced Trainer

An experienced trainer is likely to have a deep understanding and expertise in the field they are teaching.

Practical approach based training

Practical training encourages participants to actively engage in problem-solving exercises and scenarios.